Wednesday, May 4, 2016


We had American Airline points that were of course we had to use them! We decided to visit Seattle the second week of April. Brett has been there before, but this was my first time. Our friends, Julie and Rhett, were so kind to let us stay with them. They even took our kids on a walk to let me and Brett have a nap. How nice is that?!

Did you  know that 2 lap children are not allowed to sit on the same row? So me and Brett had to sit separately. This was Teagan's last flight on my lap though. She turns 2 next week!

The next morning, we woke up bright and early to start our tour of the city!

I've seen pictures of the gum wall online...but nowhere does anyone say how bad it STINKS! Seriously, if you're sensitive to bad smells, don't go here. It almost made me gag. I didn't participate in the sticking of the gum on the wall.

We wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel, but couldn't figure out how to get to it?! There was construction happening, and it seemed to block off all entrances to the we gave up.

We visited the aquarium! It was so fun to watch Teagan look at all of the fish. The water was freezing, she didn't want to stick her hand in to touch the star fish.

A puffin! Does this remind anyone else of the Swan Princess?

It was so fun to walk around Pike's Place. It was much bigger than I imagined.

I looooved all of the flowers. I had such a hard time deciding what to get for Julie as a thank you!

We made our way to the Space Needle. The view was beautiful!!! Any direction you looked was just amazing.

 How amazing is Julie, to babysit our kids while we ran away to the temple?? I just love her.

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