Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Seattle/Vancouver cost breakdown

Like I did for Hawaii, I kept track of what everything was costing me, and what I saved. It's not as drastic as Hawaii was, but still...it was a very good deal! (And could've been better if the rental car company didn't trick me into signing towards an extra $104. :( :( )

We stayed with close family friends in Everett, so that obviously helped us save big time.

 Product: What I
Actual Cost:
 Alaska Airlines
 SLC to BOI to SEA
 (Used points from Citi AAdvantage Mastercard)
$0.00 $268.00
 Alaska Airlines
 (Used points from Citi AAdvantage Mastercard)
$0.00 $268.00
 Luggage - Carry on $0.00 $0.00
 Rental car - Priceline "Name your price"
 (Reimbursed with Capital One Venture Rewards)
$0.00 $162.67
 Rental car - charged again through Avis $104.18 $104.18
 Best Western Plus Uptown hotel through Priceline $91.23 $91.23
 ATT International data plan $30.00 $30.00
 Space Needle $46.20 $46.20
Total: $271.61 $970.28

I learned from last time, we did carry-ons instead of checking our luggage! A lot cheaper, and SOOO much easier! Traveling with 2 babies, I was a little worried that everything wouldn't fit. But Brett and I wore the same thing almost the whole time... ha! And we bought diapers when we got there, instead of packing a bunch.

This little trick I though of was a LIFESAVER! Teagan walks at the pace of a grandma, and we needed to hurry to board the plane! She had so much fun riding on the suitcase like this.

I got the PERFECT view of Mount Rainier! I promise it's much bigger than it looks from this angle!

Fruit snacks and Rapunzel. What could be better?

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