Saturday, May 7, 2016


We decided to drive up to Vancouver, BC, Canada for a night. It was our first time to Canada! Crossing the border was easy peasy. Teagan said "hi!" to the security about 100 times. She LOVES saying hi to strangers. 

The next morning, we enjoyed (or endured) our free breakfast from the Best Western. Then headed out to tour this interesting city. 

The 2010 Winter Olympics were in Vancouver, so we stopped to see the Olympic Cauldron.

Teagan has learned to actually point the camera to certain things, so we have lots of pictures with tiny fingers in the corners.

Vancouver is an interesting city. I'm glad I I know I don't ever need to go back. ha! I can't really even explain what I didn't like about it. Maybe I needed a local to show us around! But it was absolutely beautiful!

My favorite part of Vancouver was Stanley park. They had a lot of different things to see and do, I'm sad we couldn't spend more time there!

Lately, whenever Teagan says "cheese," she puts her hands up to her cheeks to make it even cuter!

After soooo much driving (and crying children), we found the nearest playground to get out and stretch! (And change diapers)

Since it was a Sunday, we coulnd't go inside the Vancouver temple, but we took some time (again, to stretch) on the temple lawn.

We crossed the border back into the USA, spent one more night in Seattle, then flew home the next morning. 
Whew! That was a quick trip!

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