Thursday, June 2, 2016

April & May Stories

I do these recap posts every couple of months, just to summarize what we've been up to. It seems like the early months of this year went by speedy fast, which I am so grateful for--summer is my absolute favorite, and now it is here!
Not too much has happened the last couple of months. Brett has stayed super busy with school. (which, btw, he doesn't get a summer break. Isn't that awful?! He gets the week of July 4th off, and that is IT! Not fair!!!)

 In April, we used our points to take a trip to Seattle and Vancouver.

Our little bear loves his bath time.

Teagan had a birthday, and turned 2!!!

Ozzy turned 6 months! And a sidenote...these two kids are FINALLY sleeping through the night! There were a few tough nights of them crying it out, but it worked like a charm. And now we're all getting some good sleep at night.

We've had some great weather lately, and Brett and I have been able to go on some bike rides!

Brett's dad gave us a little section in his garden to plant what we wanted. We planted radishes, cucumbers, jalapenos, bell peppers, cilantro and watermelon. So far...the radishes are growing great! Let's hope the other stuff starts growing.

We love having campfires in their backyard as well! Roasting marshmallows to perfection is a hobby of mine. ;)

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