Thursday, June 30, 2016

Southwest Companion Pass

I feel like sometimes, people don't take me seriously when I tell them about a super great credit card deal. I know of only 3 people, who have taken my advice on certain credit cards.

I get it. Credit cards aren't for everybody. Brett was telling me the other day that he's glad that I do this, because there's no way he'd have the diligence to figure it all out and keep it under control. It does take a certain {crazy} personality type I guess.

The main reason I do this, is because me and Brett are FAR from being rich. We are in major student debt with him being in dental school. And we really shouldn't be spending our savings on vacations.
My lovely parents took us kids on vacations every year. I LOVE vacations. I love seeing the world (okay fine, I love seeing this country. I haven't made it over the deep blue sea, yet). So I can't just stop taking vacations, right? They make me so happy, and give me something to look forward to.

I just want to tell you the BEST deal I've gotten thus far, using credit cards.
Southwest offers 2 personal credit cards: the PLUS and the PREMIER. BOTH of those cards were offering 50,000 points each at the time. I had to spend $2,000 per card, in order to get those points. Well, $4,000=4,000 points. So I just had to spend $6,000 more, to get to 110,000 points.
Are you following?
And once you get to 110,000 points, (in the same calendar year), you earn..... THE COMPANION PASS!!!

So not only do I have 110,000 points to use towards free flights for myself and Teagan (Austin still flies for free), but Brett is my companion, so he gets to fly FOR FREE (as long as I'm on the same flight with him), for the rest of this year, and next year. So I don't have to use any of those points for him at all!
Are you still following??
Sorry if I'm rambling.

My dad helped me out a lot. Usually, I don't spend thousands of dollars in a month. So I bought my dad his new bathroom counters, and his new car tires. And he paid me back with a check. So nice of him!

Anyway....that's all. There is so much more I could say about credit cards. But I just wanted to focus on the Southwest deal for now, and share how excited I am! I could seriously cry. I have cried. I can't wait to go on our vacations! :) :) :)


  1. I totally get it. Since Andrew flies a ton for Ice Castles, We've had the companion pass for 4 years now. SOOOO worth it! Hopefully you guys have fun trips planned! And go Kelly for putting his purchases on your card! I'll bet that helped a bunch!

    1. That's AMAZING!!!!! And lucky Andrew, he probably has the Business Southwest card, huh?! Where are some of your favorite places you've gone? We're planning New York and Puerto Rico so far.

  2. Congrats, Ann! Travel is the BEST. One day soon I will hunker down and try to figure out how to do this.

    1. I want to know how you and shad are able to travel WITHOUT doing this! Teach me your ways!