Thursday, July 14, 2016

Austin's first time on the boat!

July 1st, we woke up DARK and early, and headed up to Deer Creek. That will always be my favorite lake to go to. I don't think I'll ever go to Utah Lake again. The bugs are out of control there! ew! And they stay on the boat with you the entire time. Teagan especially would freak out because of the bugs. So that lake is a no-go.

Deer Creek is just so beautiful. I love the mountains that completely surround you. It is a breath of fresh air to be in the middle of nothing but nature!

What a cutie he is. ;)

We brought Brett's friend, Andy, along for the ride.

It was SO SURPRISED how well little Austin did on the boat. I thought he was going to hate it. But then I thought about why he may have loved it: Everyone he loves is right in front of him and holding him, the white noise, and the gentle (sometimes not gentle) rocking of the boat. We brought his car seat on the boat, and he would drift off to sleep in seconds!

Teagan wasn't a huge fan of the cold water. After I was done surfing, I forced her to get in, and on the surf board. She was NOT a huge you can see.

She slowly warmed up to it, and we got a not so natural "cheese" from her.

When we were done, she got out of that water SO FAST! haha!! What a cutie.

We've already gone boating again since this first time, so I'll have to post those pictures once I get them on my hard drive!
I'm so happy that it's summer!


  1. This post encompasses everything that summer should be! Love it!!