Friday, July 22, 2016

Brett's childhood

I got a HUGE project done this month, which was scanning in all of Brett's pictures that his mom has saved over the years. YAAAY!
Now...the only problem is figuring out exactly when they were taken. Luckily, some of the pictures would say the date, but...most of them didn't.
Anyway, I wanted to share what a cutie my husband was (and still is!). No wonder I adore my own kids so much...they're taking after their super handsome dad!

Dean with dark hair!! I know, I's not always been gray!

Brett and Tara. I don't quite remember the entire story...but for Halloween; Brett was a "butt-face!"

We love Grandpa Dixon!

Welcome to the family Shad!

All I can say is...Brett had no control over where he he had to play for the Beet Diggers at one point. Sickening, I know.

Look at little Van in this picture!

(insert heart eyes emoji here)
5th Grade, this is after his teeth got knocked out, but right before he started many years of complications.

Priesthood men
Grandpa Dixon, 12 year-old Brett, Dean, and Uncle Jeff.

I don't know anything about this vacation, but how fun to go water rafting with Grandpa Burl!

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