Monday, August 29, 2016

LDS Temples

I made an album of all of these photos on my Facebook, but thought it would be fun to blog them as well. Brett and I LOVE visiting temples we've never been to before. I think our absolute favorite so far is the Manti Utah Temple. It is so beautiful inside with Minerva Teichert paintings and murals.

So here are the few we've visited. We'll see where we'll able to go in the future!

Jordan River Utah Temple - September 12, 2009
My first time going through the temple!

Draper Utah Temple - September 15, 2009
Wedding day!

Bountiful Utah Temple - January 2011

Rexburg Idaho Temple - February 2011
We visited Brett's mission president

Salt Lake Temple - May 2011

Los Angeles California Temple - June 2011
We get to stay in the apartments right behind the temple with Brett's grandparents, who serve a mission there.

Newport Beach California Temple - June 2006

Oquirrh Utah Temple - March 2012

Manti Utah Temple - July 2012
We visited this temple with Godfrey's, as well as the Oquirrh and Logan.

Brigham City Utah Temple - August 2012

Logan Utah Temple - November 2012

Nashville Tennessee Temple - September 2013
I won this trip to Nashville from the radio.
This is also the day I told Brett I was pregnant with Teagan!

San Diego Temple - December 2013

Monticello Utah Temple - August 2014

Ogden Utah Temple - October 2014

Oakland California Temple - November 2014

Payson Utah Temple - May 2015

Laie Hawaii Temple - July 2015
We went to Kona, but Brett and I were lazy and didn't visit the temple there. HUGE regret! I'm so mad at myself!

Provo City Center Temple - February 2016
5 years ago or so, Brett and I visited the Provo Utah Temple and took a picture. A few days after, I was speed deleting pictures off my camera, and DELETED the picture! I was so mad. We haven't visited that temple since.

Seattle Washington Temple - April 2016

Vancouver British Columbia Temple - April 2016

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Trax from my iPhone, part 3

I completely realize that only me and Brett might laugh at all of the pictures that I take commuting to and from work. But I like to post them here for anyone else that might get a good laugh at the things I see!

This has been going on at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for almost 2 years now I think. But these workers were cracking me up one day, building that wall by creating an assembly line, and they were so enthusiastic about it!

I LOVE when animals come on the train. I really truly do. They're just so dang cute!

Oh no....the bronies...

I don't even know what they trying to be...but I snagged a lopsided picture!

Best jersey I've ever seen.

Some people....I should teach a train etiquette class. Some people that can attend are:
the people clipping their nails
the men that won't give up their seats to women
the stinky people
and the list goes on...

I could do an entire post (or 2) on the Comic-Con people. These days are the BEST!
Belle was there:

And Pokemon?

That's Jasmine and Ariel

And an Elf from Lord of the Rings. I want her crown. :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

June & July Stories

I feel like I'm a little behind on life lately. 
Like...I barely documented my life the past couple of months! But I'm slowly catching up and getting organized. A few things that happened in the last weekend of July that are not documented here:
  • We moved out of our WJ apartment that we've lived in for the last 2.5 years, and moved into Brett's parents basement! It was a good move, and will help get us through these last 2 years of dental school, and also help us prepare for whatever move (and possible schooling) comes next!
  • I got my bad tooth taken out. Long story short: bad things were happening underneath the veneer I had. After the tooth was taken out, worse things happened, and my mouth has been in big pain for the last 5 days since it happened. I have the stitches to prove it. :( And now I have to wear a retainer/flipper for the next 6 months. I sound like an idiot that can't talk. The one good thing that came out of this whole got me out of speaking at church on Sunday. :)
  • Austin started crawling!!! I love little crawlers!
And now for some pictures:
We tried to go to the pool as often as we could!

Teagan had an absolute blast going on the rides at the South Jordan Country Fest.

We got to spend some time with our best friends.

We've been able to go boating a few times. I have a LOT more of these pictures that will be coming soon.

Doesn't this picture look like I have long hair again?? It's growing guys!!!