Friday, September 9, 2016

Midway, Part 1

We are so lucky that Brett's parents have a condo in Midway. We LOVE going to "papa's house" (Teagan's words), for the weekend, and do nothing but eat, and play!

And the best part: Midway is right next to Deer Creek, so we get the bonus of going out on the boat too!

I am determined to train my kids to not be afraid of getting in the water. I have forced Teagan to get in each and every time.... even if it made her cry...I call it tough love. :)

But she LOVED the tube, so it didn't take any of the tough love.

We even convinced "mama" (Grandma) to get on the tube with her.

Poor Oz. It's sad that they can't make life jackets a little more comfy for babies.

Whitney killin it on the wakeboard! It was so fun to have her there, even though Shad was still in Europe.

We swung by Strawberry Reservoir for a bit of crawdad fishing. Uncle Dave, Dean's brother, had a blast spending the weekend with us!

The whole family was nice enough to wait for me while I bought a yummy frozen hot chocolate!!

I guess I made them a bit jealous, so the rest of them ordered some milkshakes. :)

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