Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Swiss Days

I got a little behind again.

Well, it wouldn't be a proper Labor Day weekend without going to Swiss Days in Midway. I've been to Swiss Days every year since 2010, and I don't plan on breaking that tradition anytime soon! I absolutely love it, from the giant scones, to the crowds, to the cold morning air, to the hot afternoons.

I've gone to Swiss Days by myself before (which is actually how I prefer to do it, I can get so much done!) But this year, I went with my mom and sisters, and brought Teagan and Austin along since Brett was reffing.

The little details in Midway are so beautiful. We had to stop and pose for a couple pictures.

I wasn't joking about the giant scones. Would you believe me if I told you they used to be even bigger?!

Watching the parade!

Teagan had a blast playing in the hammocks. (They were a bit overpriced. Hammocks from Mexico are MUCH cheaper!)

Austin did such a good job in the stroller all day. Sometimes, I am surprised at how well my kids do in atmospheres like this. It's like...the people watching distracts them, and makes them forget to cry and throw fits. :)

Towards the end, when I picked Oz up to give him a break, Teagan crawled right in to take a nap!

Thank you Midway for another successful Swiss Days!

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