Sunday, November 6, 2016


Last week, 104.3 (my favorite country station) was giving away tickets to Lagoon. I called ALL WEEK LONG. And I finally won on Friday afternoon! I didn't have the chance to take Teagan this summer, so this was super exciting for me!
I've never been to Frightmares before and the weather was a dream!
The following pictures are basically just of Teagy, since this trip was mostly about her going on rides for the first time!

This picture: She LOVED that stamp. She was so sad the day it finally washed off.

I went on Rattlesnake Rapids with Teagan first, and she loved it so much, that she wanted to go AGAIN! She ended up getting a bit wet the second time when going with her dad.

I think she was proud of herself for getting wet? She couldn't stop showing me her wet hair!

We were first in line for this ride, so she got to pick which boat to ride in. Of course it was the PINK one!

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