Thursday, December 22, 2016

Happy 1st Birthday Ozzy Bear!

I can't believe I don't have a baby anymore! He is quickly growing into a toddler sized body. I swear he grows faster than regular babies!!!

This boy has taught me so much since he surprised us on April Fool's Day (when I found out I was pregnant with him).
He's taught me to be more patient, more loving, more sensitive. I've learned that boys are actually more enjoyable than girls in some ways ;).

I LOVE that he has been such a cuddly bear. He will take a moment to cuddle with me every single day.
I love his big wet kisses.
I love the way he says mama.
I love how he goes to sleep so easily for naps, and nighttime.
I love the love he has for me, Brett and Teagan.
This guy is so special.

1 week:

1 month:

2 months:

3 months:

4 months:

5 months:

6 months:

7 months:

8 months:

9 months: (in the same outfit, whoops!)

10 months:

11 months:

We gave him a basketball hoop, and loves having us lift him up so that he can shoot the ball. Actually, more like, drop the ball into the net.

We celebrated his birthday with our families. This boy is LOVED!

He got some winter boots, that we haven't needed to use yet. This winter has been a weird one here in Utah!

Both Teagan and now Austin have not been a fan of the "smash cake" idea. We've decided we'll start waiting until our babies turn 2, when they'll actually enjoy the smashing.

Teagan very much enjoyed it.

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