Thursday, January 26, 2017

Christmas 2016

I have to say, I think our Christmas is going to get better and better each year. Kids just bring out the magic of Christmas, don't they? I get so excited to watch them experience these things, like looking at Christmas lights, or passing by Santa in the mall (they refused to sit on his lap), or unwrap gifts from under the tree. 

Our Christmas Eve started out by waking up early to talk to my little brother Bridger, from his mission in ARMENIA!

Gosh, he's looking so old and mature!

After, we zoomed off to our annual breakfast with the Sommerville family at IHOP. I always get the White Chocolate Chip Raspberry Pancakes. AMAZING! I didn't take any pictures there, dang it.

I thought it'd be fun to do Teagan's hair like little Cindy Lou Who.

How darling is baby Ella? She is one of the best babies! We never hear her cry.

We played this Heads Up game with the VanWagoner family. It is SO FUN!

Before bed time, we headed back to the Peterson home to have a big sleepover. Austin wanted nothing to do with the cousin picture. It takes a long time for him to warm up to people before he's willing to sit on their lap!

This boy though, all he needed for Christmas was different sports balls, and he was happy as a clam!

I have to admit, I got this girl waaaay too much. All she really wanted was some {fake} makeup, and play-doh. It is going to be a MUCH more simple Christmas next year.

I love shopping sales! So I woke up early to head to some stores while everyone was still in a Christmas hangover.
And I drove by this beautiful sight.

{Much} later that morning, since Brett's grandparents were in town, they wanted to take everyone bowling!

Here he is, the man who has scored a perfect game.

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