Saturday, February 25, 2017


Disneyland with a stroller is NO JOKE. Man, I knew it would be different, but it's an entire new ball game going to the Happiest Place on Earth with a double wide. Or should I say the most crowded place on earth?
Well... I guess it could've been worse. It could always be worse. But, I really wish I would've noticed on the calendar of events that Annual Pass-holder Days started that same weekend. Oh well. I'll be more careful next time. Brett says we're not going back to Disneyland with a stroller. Ever. HA! I'll go by myself if I have to! Silly Brett. Nothing could keep me away that long.

We got there just in time for 70-80 degree weather. It was BEAUTIFUL! We drove around Long Beach for a few hours, listening to Brett's mission stories. It's fun watching him get so "trunky." Does anyone else use that term?

I had heard about the yummy and cheap cookies at this place. It did not disappoint! There were students everywhere, we were definitely in UCLA territory.

We took the kids to the mall and the beach. It was such a beautiful sunset!

I'm trying to fit our 4 days of Disneyland into 1 blog post. So here we go!

Day 1:
This poor little boy, must've gotten car sick on our way. He threw up all over his cute sweatshirt. I was going to buy him a new shirt....but you can't find a shirt for a baby cheaper than $25. That's like...6 churros. So we decided to let him stink the rest of the day.

Teagan was always so excited, but nervous to meet the characters. She would start biting her fingers immediately. Ahh! I hate that habit!

I was determined to try some different treats that I don't normally get while in Disneyland.

This Matterhorn treat was GLORIOUS!

The bubbles! Every little kid had one of these. I was literally slipping on bubble juice. But this was the only souvenir Teagan wanted. And it kept them very entertained while we waited 3 hours for the parade.

By the time the parade had finally come, the kids were asleep. And Brett wasn't too happy we waited 3 hours for what was delivered. Ha! I was happy though!

Day 2:

Ariel's grotto! The princesses were perfect. It was so fun to see Teagan's face light up with each princess that came by to meet her. Our favorite was Belle.

Our crazy expensive meal. Never again. I could've had 10 churros.

Teagan was scared of the World of once again, they fell asleep not caring to watch. I am happy to report that Brett really enjoys the World of Color. It is just so darn magical!

Day 3:
There were lots of lovebirds at Disneyland on Valentines Day! I actually wouldn't mind making it a tradition, to go to Disneyland every year on Valentines.

Little Oz simply didn't care for the rides.

He was SOOO much happier being out of the stroller, running around.

Every time I look at these pictures of Brett, I laugh out loud. Those poor families that had to ride with him!

This jersey I'm wearing: my dad bought me in 6th grade! We took a family vacation to Disneyland, and I was obsessed that it said Miners on it (high school). So of course, I had to have it. It still fits!

This girl was excited to finally meet Minnie!

Day 4:
This was the hottest day of them all! We were sweating!

My yummy non-alcoholic drink!

This kid, I swear, didn't eat the entire trip, but at the end, we discovered he likes tortillas! OlĂ©!

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  1. I love that you measure the cost of a shirt with how many churros you can buy! Ha ha, I probably would have let my child stink too! ;) Looks like such a fun trip! You are super on top of things. I'm not even done with last summer!!! Psshhh.....