Thursday, June 8, 2017

April & May Stories

I think April 2017 will officially go down in history as the worst month of my entire life. Not that I want to make this post super negative, it was just a hard, hard month. And I'm very happy it's over.

April 6, my niece was born at 34 weeks. But we had found out the previous day that she didn't have a heartbeat. The cord was in a knot, and had stopped all supply from getting through. Her name is Felicity Grace, and we already love and miss her so much! The only thing that gets our family through this incredibly tough time is the Plan of Happiness. I love knowing that my sister will be with her daughter again in Heaven.

After I got home from the hospital, Teagan and Austin were playing in the other room. I heard a loud bang, then Austin started crying. I ran in the room to see his head bleeding. I could see it was a pretty big, open wound, but I had no idea what to do! Luckily, Dean was home, and I ran up to his room and just said "help!" I immediately started crying. Being a mom is constantly bringing out all of my emotions!!!
Long story short, we took him to Instacare and got him all glued up. He was a champ through it all!

A few days later, we had a special service for little Felicity. It was very emotional, but this little girl is so loved!

Easter evening, Brett got sick. We've been doing a special diet, and after being so sick, his potassium got really low (He didn't take potassium pills like I told him to). So he was shaking and cramping really bad, especially in his hands and feet. We took him to the hospital, and they confirmed what we were already guessing. Low potassium.
They wanted to keep him overnight to bring his levels back up.

On a happier note: North Carolina won the NCAA championship! I never really care who wins, but I really wanted North Carolina to win, because they had this cute shirt and sweatshirt I wanted to order for Austin. We have a tradition of getting him a new shirt of the team that wins the tournament every year. Gonzaga didn't have any good options for toddler sizes.
(You can see Austin's scar right above his eyebrow, poor guy.)

Austin and Teagan both got sick. There was a lot of Moana watching for a couple days.

At the end of the week, I thought I was lucky and not going to catch the flu bug, but it bit me. :(

We celebrated this girls birthday. More about that here.

I went to BYU Women's Conference for work. I just love the special women I get to work with!

We went to Portland! More details here.

Would you believe me if I told you all of us got sick, again?! Austin was sick for almost an entire week. Teagan had the same symptoms, but luckily for only one day. Then Brett and I luckily skipped those yucky symptoms, but we both got colds, and mine turned into a Sinus infection. Boo!!!

We seem to be doing never ending yard work. Teagan loves to put on her gloves to help pull weeds!

We are officially on our last year of dental school! I can sort of see the light at the end of the tunnel! Brett's dad came into the school to get some work done.

Memorial Day weekend, we went camping with our good friends! It was such a good time to relax and do nothing in the mountains! I'll need to post more pictures from this soon!

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