Monday, June 5, 2017

Portland Oregon

Last month, Brett's dad had invited us to go to Portland while he was up there working. How can I say no to that, when we have plenty of Southwest points, plus the Companion Pass?? So we packed up, ready to explore a new city in this promised land!

This picture below is of Utah, obviously. There is no way Oregon would ever look this dry.

The first morning we woke up, we headed straight for the waterfalls! They did NOT disappoint!

Even the trees were a sight to behold. Look how pretty they are covered in moss! These trees went on for miles!

We hiked up to the bridge. By that time, it was raining and Grandma Kelly escaped to find shelter in the gift shop!

We arrived to the Pittock Mansion right when it opened. I love touring through old homes like this. They are absolutely amazing. Even the property it was on had the most beautiful view!

A baby bath tub! This would've been convenient for these two babies of mine!

This innovative shower had ALL the bells and whistles!

I had to snap these few pictures of Oz, because...he rarely smiles for the camera! But look at his big sister in the background, striking a pose!

We try to visit as many temples as we can, even if we don't go inside. Too bad temples don't have a daycare! ;)

We then met up with Dean, and visited a couple Nike stores. How did I not take any pictures of those stores?! I guess that just means I'll have to go back. :)

We had some Mexican cuisine from the fancy food trucks.

Oh, and during all that, I won a trip to Nashville. AH! This is the second time I've won a vacation, while I've been on a vacation, haha!

The next morning, we woke up to pink balloons and a happy birthday girl! There's no waiting for opening presents in our family.

We drove west to Seaside, and everyone enjoyed a nice (BIG) bowl of clam chowder. I passed. :) But they all said it was the best clam chowder they had ever had.

Teagan and I took a quick detour to the local toy store, then walked down to see some seals swimming in the ocean!

We drove a bit south to Cannon Beach to see the big Haystack Rock. Teagan was in HEAVEN I tell you! She ran right out to the water with no fear. At one point, Brett caught her just in time before a wave almost took her down! Luckily it was cold, so she didn't want to go all the way in!

Austin stayed as far away from the water as possible.

On our long drive back to the hotel, we stopped at the very interesting (and inappropriate) Voodoo donuts. They were yummmmmmy!

And the next morning, we flew back home to SLC. We really could've used one extra, non-rainy day in Portland. There were more activities we wanted to do, but time and rain just would not allow it.
It was such a fun city though. Very beautiful, nestled inside the very green trees.

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