Sunday, June 11, 2017

Provo Canyon Camping

The Godfrey's invited us to go camping over Memorial Day weekend. This was our first time camping with kids, so needless to say, I was a bit nervous for the night to come. I just wanted our kids to sleep and not be cold! Well, they did sleep. But I did not. We have a tiny, 2-man tent. And there was simply not enough room for me. By 6am, I had given up, and decided to get out, walk around, and try to get a fire going!

Next time we go camping, I will be sure to buy a 10-man tent before we go!

This little guy enjoyed camping much more than I thought he would.

He embraced that dirt and got it all over his face!

He didn't get a proper nap that day, so he fell asleep pretty early!

We went to Bridal Veil Falls on Sunday.

My heart broke when I heard the news of the 4 year old girl who fell into the river the very next day at this same location. The girl, her mom, and a man that tried to help all died trying to save her. That river is FIERCE right now! Brett and I were actually shocked at the amount of kids running around without proper supervision. It's so easy to climb on those rocks and fall right in.
:( :( :(

Trying to get this girl to take a nap was NOT successful.

These two, pondering life, sports, and memes on Instagram.

Yay for summer finally being here to stay!!!

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