Sunday, August 13, 2017

St. George and Las Vegas

At the end of June, we drove down to St. George to visit Brett's parents, and his Grandma Marti. They moved down there a few months ago. For the past year, Brett and I have been living in their basement. Now that they have moved out, Brett's brother and sister-in-law have moved into the house. His other siblings, Van and Robyne, live there too. We are one big happy family! And it has been very nice to pay a bit cheaper rent while we finish this last year of school!

But back to St. George!
It was HOT! So we spent some time in our friends pool that live down there too:

We were driving around, probably looking for some good food, and noticed some signs for Brigham Young's "winter" home! I wasn't even aware he had a home in St. George. We woke up the next morning for a tour of that beautiful place!

These two love each other! (Most of the time)

We should've taken a photo in front of the house at the beginning of the tour. Because of course by the end, Austin's patience was gone. See him screaming at me in this picture?

So, we booted him out and got one of the happy people.

As we drove around a little bit more, we wanted to spend some time on the temple grounds. I've never seen this temple up close before. It is so beautiful!
(Did you know it's the oldest operating temple? And it was the only temple completed while Brigham Young was the prophet. No wonder he had a home down there!)

I love these simple moments as a family. I look at these beautiful kids of mine and think about the huge life they have ahead of them.
What talents will they have?
Where will they go to high school?
Where will they serve their missions?
What temple will they be married in?
What is their future spouse like?
What will be their careers?
How many grand-kids are they going to give me?
The questions I have are endless. I'm just so excited for them. And scared. But excited. They will do great things and be great people. Which sometimes I feel puts a lot of pressure on me as their mom, to be teaching them constantly. But I am so happy to do it. I love being a mom, more than I ever thought I would.

Whew! That was a bit of rambling!

The next morning, we took off for Las Vegas! I had a free Marriott night expiring, so why not?
If you can believe it, it was even HOTTER in Las Vegas.

First things first: NIKE. I have no problem brainwashing my kids into thinking that Nike is the best brand ever.

While walking around Caesars Palace, Brett noticed Dick Butkus signing autographs. This meant nothing to me, but he thought it was pretty cool!

I'm realizing now that I didn't take a whole lot of pictures in Vegas. Whoops! I didn't save the video I took of Teagan saying: "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!" We also taught her the song by Elvis, "Viva Las Vegas!" She was loving all of it!

But here is a picture of my little cuddle bug in the hotel room, always taking time to cuddle with me everyday.

And here is he trying to get comfortable on the long car ride home!

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